"Only a few moments in our lives can make our hearts skip a beat. And we'd want to hold onto these memories forever. Weddngs are one of these."

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If you felt we immortalized your wedding through our creative photography then we'd apreciate a few kind words that we may proudly feature on our website and other channels. Feel free to write to your heart's content, we never gettired when hearing good things about ourselves :).


Abu Dhabi, UAE

When I heard people say “I fell in love all over again” I often cringed and thought to myself- That was the result of the over-dramatic SRK flicks with autumn leaves and aa-a-a going on in the background. I have never been happier to admit I was proved wrong once I laid eyes on the Amour Affairs pictures of our wedding. I fell in love with my oh-so-adorable husband all over again with every click. Amour Affairs did a remarkable job in capturing the essence of our wedding – the laughter, the tears, promises made- We couldn’t ask for anything better. As a little girl I dreamed of piecing my wedding together bit by bit as I flipped through vintage photographs of my parents- picturing what it would be like one day for me and what I would pass onto our future generations. Amour Affairs has given us just that. We will always cherish the moments captured of our big day and I’m certain so will our little chintu mintus! Thanks Taher!!! In your words…”You’re a rockstar!”


London, United Kingdom

Here's the testimonial. A big thank you to you and your team for doing a wonderful job :) Wedding is a celebration of one of the most important events of your life; it is something that you will remember in years to come. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to capture as many beautiful memories of this day as we could. Amour Affairs did an amazing job with the wedding photography.Each and every picture captures the beautiful emotions and essence of the wedding. Most importantly looking at each picture warms your heart and makes you smile! Taher and his team handled our wedding in a very professional way and it was a very good decision to hire them. Thank you, guys!


Washington DC, USA

We want to start by saying thank you for all the beautiful photographs. We love them! It was our priority to find the best candid photographers out there. And we are so glad we chose you! Our entire wedding trip to India was on tight schedule, giving us no time at all for couple shoots. Nevertheless, we have amazing pictures of our wedding and we can relive those days millions of times through the photos you've captured. Thank you for making our wedding look so beautiful! We will highly recommend Amour Affairs to our friends and family for the professionalism and amazing skills of capturing the special moments masterfully.We feel very bad that we couldn't make the couple shoot that you had offered  us in the package.Hoping to work with you guys again!



New York, USA

Photographs are supposed to bring the memories alive and surely no one does it better than Amour Affairs. The pre-wedding shoot and the wedding functions became absolutely unforgettable because of Taher and team. They added a lot of thought process, effort and planning even before arriving for the shoot. Innumerable candid shots bring detail to the memories and we will cherish them for life. Amour Affairs felt like family. We are so grateful and want to say a huge THANK YOU for capturing all the precious moments of all our wedding ceremonies. All the pictures are truly mesmerising and a wonderful reminder of an amazing time we had. Amour Affair team is highly professional and always try to attain perfection. Special thanks to Taher for making the event even more great.


Dubai, UAE

We are so glad to write a testimonial as it takes us to a flashback of beautiful, artistic, stupendous pictures of our wedding. Taher and team; you all are the best and we have no words to describe your work as it takes us back to our wonderful memories captured in the frame aesthetically. The wedding film is so well done, you have made us express all our emotions, happiness, love, dreams in that moment with absolute finesse.Thank you so much for making our wedding a fairytale which we can see over and over again and re-live those moments for the years to come. All the best to you and your team.



Washington DC, USA

Choosing Amour Affairs as our photographer was a no brainer. We had already seen some excellent work by the Amour team. It was quite easy to work with Amour with their flexibility and professional attitude. Thank you for capturing some excellent pictures of our wedding celebrations. Our families love the pictures and we’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures. It’s hard not to smile and grin looking at these pictures that take us back to those amazing moments.'Grand THANK YOU to Taher and Amour Affairs team for capturing the most amazing moments of the best day of our lives so far. I realize we didn't really get a chance to discuss how we want our wedding pictures or follow up on your work. But clearly we didn't need to. It seems like you just knew what shots to capture and when, it couldn't have been better. These beautiful photos are the only means we have to relive the memories of our wedding day and of how perfect it was.Thank you for the great work and good luck with your future assignments! Thank you once again.




Taher was known to me through two of my friends. The Amour Affairs website speaks of the quality of the work they produce. I was very glad that Taher and his team could make themselves available at relatively short notice of less than a week. Taher and his team were very patient, cooperative and calm during all the functions. Working with them was an extremely humble and pleasant experience. I appreciate all of their work and as you may see the pictures, they are CREATIVE.



Dubai, UAE

I wish to place on record my sincere thanks and profound appreciation for professionally undertaking photography and videography for my daughter's marriage in September this year. The work was executed flawlessly and no reminders were required. You and your team were always present before time and took care of all the details. It was more than full value for money. The end results were worth waiting for, and the quality of work was excellent. I found you to be polite, soft spoken, and well mannered. I have no hesitation in recommending Amour Affairs to one and all!



The wedding day has probably got to be the most important day in one’s life. And to have the occasion captured so exquisitely makes it that much more special. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful and memorable pictures that you have taken. We had always wanted our marriage pictures to convey the emotions which conventional pictures are unable to, and that is exactly what we got. Your work is exceptional and it speaks for itself. The best part about it is that you don’t just take it as an assignment but you actually get passionately involved. You are there at all the right places; capturing the moments and making them outstanding with your creative touch. All we can say is that continue the great work of making ones’ most important moments so amazing that even after years when we look at the pictures, all the memories would come flooding back with a smile on our faces. Its not just pictures but memories captured with a timeless appeal…

Your invitation to have dinner with us stands whenever you visit Kuwait 




The pics are absolutely fantastic! Many many thanks to Taher, Neha and Gagan! You got some stunning shots, and the post processing is just spot on perfect, vibrant colors and great lighting, Madhu says you made her look stunning. Also, the candid shots are very nice indeed.

Thanks again team Amour! We're glad we picked you.


Texas, USA

We were absolutely delighted to have you as our photographer. I had been through 3 photographers, before I chose to have you take pictures of our special event. Judging by the pictures you have posted on your site, I knew it was you who would make our event even more special. Your professionalism, the way you made us feel comfortable, your poses for us were amazing. I was surprised I looked so pretty in the pictures :) My husband loved how you directed him to take his pictures, you had clear communication with him and he really appreciated that. I would definitely hire your crew for our future occasions. You are wonderful guys to work with! God bless you and your team!


Dubai, UAE

I dont know where to start from. My fiancé was living in Dubai and me in Pune. And the photographer we had booked for our pre-wedding shoot cancelled our shoot last minute because of some communication error. My fiancé was just there in Pune for two days and we had to complete the pre-wedding for a wedding website. I somehow managed to get Amour affairs no. From a friend and on and whim decided to go to their office. We loved their work and decided to book them. They charge a bit more than what people do for Pre-wedding but trust me you will see the returns in the photos. Taher did a fabulous job in short time that we had. Both of us are super awkward and camera shy. But he made us very comfortable and he did the most perfect job. Couldn't ask for better Pre-wedding photos.I'm not bragging but u can have a look at our photos to decide for yourself.



Gurgaon, India

We are getting married after a long courtship period and wanted to capture our journey in form of pictures so we decided to go for a pre-wedding photo shoot. I scanned through number of websites of wedding photographers and what was striking about pictures of Amour Affairs was the freshness and vibrance of the pictures. The pictures were simple, sweet, full of color and depicted the bond between the two individuals.

Another reason for choosing Amour Affairs is their lead photographer Taher. He understood our thought process and helped us recreate all our special moments of past seven years. He is such a nice guy and amazing photographer.

Taher, we just fell in love with our pictures and they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for being the part of our journey.


Indore, India

Working with Taher was a seamless, hassle-free & a smooth experience. He is so humble, grounded yet focused meaning only business. He being around makes you feel as if you are engulfed with one of your family members & not some outsider who you haven’t met before. Our family & friends praised Taher for the amazing person he is & all good work he did in our wedding. Especially his calm composure, patience & ever - smiling face were the common praises about him we heard from everybody around us. Tagging Amour Affair or Taher as Vendor would be such an understatement & disrespectful. Amour Affair is like a family to us & Taher, more of a brother from another mother with whom bond will only grow fonder.Here is the Testimonial for one & only Taher :)

From the moment Taher arrived on the morning of the wedding he blended in to the mayhem, he was professional and so easy to get to on with. Taher is a gifted human being, artist & photographer and that’s what sets him apart. He doesn't just capture ‘the shot,’ he captures ‘the experience’. Taher was a pleasure to work with right from the word go. He instantly made us feel at ease and made the whole process so relaxed, it was a comfort to know we were working with such a professional. Even for some guests who are not used to being photographed, he made them feel right at ease. He was everywhere on the day capturing every moment yet without being too intrusive. He was more like a friend at the wedding rather than a photographer. We would highly recommend Taher to any couple getting married. His pictures bring back so many memories of our special day that goes all too quickly. It's wonderful to have such great pictures to look back on.

Thanks again Taher , we appreciate everything that you did for us.


New Delhi, India

We thought finding the right partner would be the hardest part about a wedding but we were wrong! Planning a perfect wedding is unimaginable. We took weeks if not months to find people who would help us in making our day special. We were certain about getting a candid photographer. We both did our research online and through our network. We had spoke to a few photographer but Amour Affairs had more to offer. The only thing we were hesitant about was the fact that out wedding would be the first Christian wedding for Amour Affairs. That hesitation was short lived, from the very first day these guys took the assignment on priority and made sure they answered all my queries. It was so important for us to get the best photographer. We certainly got that in Taher and his team, he was amazing on the day itself and towards the building up of the wedding, he has a very calming influence and really knows what he is doing, which in turn gave us immense confidence on the day itself.We saw Taher’s previous work on his website and were immediately impressed by his photographic style. On the afternoon of the wedding as soon as Taher arrived he got right down to business, he was so calm and most professional and worked so very hard for us to ensure we got the best shots of the day. We now have such amazing photos that we will treasure for life. We could not have chosen a better photographer, Taher is the very best there is, and we feel very lucky that he was the photographer for our special day!We will recommend Amour Affairs to others? Haven’t we already? 


Udaipur, India

Marriage is dream of every bride. To capture this dream you need a team with a vision. I went across the open wide world of the web searching and scathing for every photographer to find the one person who shares the same passion. Then, Taher Hussain happened. Amour affairs is more than a team of photographers. They are visionaries. They capture every moment & make it a memory that will stay with you forever. Their sheer dedication can amaze even the Japanese. They tell your story in such a beautiful way that my bride felt like cinderella and I was here prince. Their enthusiasm never dies, even through our second anniversary they remember us, rather remind us the reason for our being together. Every picture speaks a thousand words, every video takes you down the memory lane. They make you feel special with every passing anniversary. A relationship with Amour Affairs will last a lifetime. They are here to stay!!!We were lucky to have found you :)



Bangalore, India

Capturing moments during an affair like wedding can be done by any photographer,

But capturing the right moment and the right moment is what we wanted and was delivered by Taher

Exceptionally good work. Beautiful natural moments shot. Every time I see the pictures it takes me back to my most memorable day And I thank you for giving me a visual delight of re living that day every time I see the beautiful shots u took


Aurangabad, India

Our wedding was planned and executed in 15 days. I had given the responsibility to find the best candid photographer to a friend and he immediately referred Taher from Amour Affairs. Amour Affairs were the only photographers we spoke to and I was convinced as soon as I spoke to them. Our wedding was a very homely affair and not a big scale wedding. But capturing every candid moment was extremely important to us. When I asked Taher how was he planning on doing that, he simply replied with confidence that they've not had even a single disappointed review.And he was right.During the celebrations Amour Affairs became a part of our family. Since it wasn't an extravaganza, by the end of the wedding all my friends and family loved the way the photographers just kept on going non-stop and knew them by their names.Taher was all around the place, trying to capture every moment, every expression, every angle, not wanting to miss any of it.Amour Affairs has provided us with such amazing candid pictures of the wedding that it feels there couldn't have been a better way to relive those moments.Neelam & I would personally like to thank Taher, Shetty & Raman for the extra effort they put in. There wouldn't have been a better set of photos of our family and friends had it not been Amour Affairs.



We can’t describe how happy we are that we chose Taher (Amour Affairs) to cover our wedding day. Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time, but Taher immediately put our minds at ease with his calm, measured approach. He was easily reachable, accommodating to our needs and nothing was too much trouble. On the day he blended into the background, capturing an array of shots we didn’t think were possible. The end results are truly amazing, something we can’t put down, and something we will cherish for the rest of our lives together. Taher, we can’t thank you enough.

You are utterly brilliant, and we are already recommending you to others.


Pune, India

We came across a lot of photographers on the Internet and also reached out to our friends and relatives for their opinion. With just 3 months remaining for our wedding, we were also searching on Facebook and other social media for a photographer and came across the Amour Affairs page and really liked the pictures posted there. So, the decision was made to choose Amour Affairs to cover the most important day of our lives. Ours was a 2-day event with Engagement on the 1st day in evening and Marriage and Reception on the 2nd day. A total of 3 occasions where we wanted to get the best photos, which we would keep as a memory for our lifetime. We absolutely had no doubt on Taher’s photographic skills and this belief was further strengthened when we visited the office and saw some portfolios. Boy!

There were pictures taken with absolute perfection. We were overjoyed with the picture quality and finalized the proposal. Coming to our wedding which was in Hyderabad, Taher and his team reached the spot on time and we were very happy the way they had done the setup. To mention we had also hired a traditional local photographer, but the way in which Taher and his team were clicking the pictures was in a totally different style. The result was evident when we came back to Pune and went to collect the photos. Each picture has a different story to tell, full of emotions captured at the right moment. We are satisfied with the way our life event was captured in each pic.

We would definitely recommend Taher and his team to all couples out there ready to get hooked for life. Guy’s n gals, it’s your most important day and make it special with the moments brought alive in the pictures captured by Amour Affairs.



Nasik, India

We had an idea of a pre wedding video ever since we got engaged but never got the time to make one till only a few days left for the sangeet. To Taher and his team we are truly thankfully for capturing our moments in an amazing video that was made with only one day of filming . This video has become a part of our new life together and will always be a reminder of our beginning. Thank you amour affairs for capturing our most cherished moments together.


Noida, India

Thank you for the wonderful job done. We couldn't have asked for anything better from what you guys have delivered. The pictures were captured perfectly. Emotions and wedding celebrations were rightly captured in the pictures. All the pictures together speak a beautiful story of our wedding. Not to mention we are absolutely speechless about the pre wedding pictures, these pictures turned out to be a treat to eyes. The pictures have captured everything from the entry of bride and groom to all the pujas, friends and family and what not.
Wedding itself is beautiful but pictures like these make it an absolute delight. I was especially impressed by the way backgrounds were used in the pictures. All the pics, we just want to see again and again. All in all it was great working with Amour Affairs. Good wishes for a bright future. You guys and needless to say the pictures rock. We are more than happy we chose you.
Thank you for making us fall in love with our wedding.
Happy Clicking.


Bhopal, India

When choosing the photographer for our wedding Taher’s photos instantly stood out above the rest and once we’d met him in person we were in no doubt he would do an amazing job for us on the day. He was the perfect type of wedding photographer that we were looking for. AMAZING photography, professional service and abundant creative flair!You have truly captured the essence of our day. The photographs, take us back to the day each time we look at them.We could'nt be happier with the process and results of working with your team.Kudos #AmourAffairs for all your efforts.  Long way to go!!!



Nasik, India

The magical aura that is created by every picture of Amour Affairs is just incomparable. Our pictures look alive! We cannot thank you enough for being so patient with us and managing all our requests. We are scanning through them on a loop but our eyes just cant get enough! Each moment is captured so beautifully as if it was rehearsed. Thanks a ton Taher & team for the amazing work. Best wishes.


Pune, India

Taher, we cant thank you enough for our amazing photographs. For us, the wedding itself was perfect, but to have all those special moments captured in your beautiful photographs makes us feel exceptionally special. You guys somehow managed to be in all the right spots at the right times, without being obtrusive. Your work is in a class of its own and we, along with the rest of the family and friends were instantly out at ease and the result is clearly evident in the photos. The photographs really do speak for themselves. Not only are they absolutely beautiful but they also reflect the mood of the day quite perfectly. We particularly love how you have recorded not only the wedding proceedings but also the little moments amongst our guests which we would’ve otherwise missed whilst we were busy getting married! ;)You captured far more than we could have imagined. It was great to relive all those special moments on our first look at the shots that we can now share, keep and treasure!We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. J



Pune, India

Where and how to start about Amour Affairs. It was a rushy rush situation before our wedding where things came up quite sudden and everything was completed BUT the photographer. When it comes to your wedding pictures, it has to be the best because it’s a memory for life. So we were suggested Amour Affairs for a very dear friend. At first my wife was a little taken aback after knowing the pricing. We went to the office, met Taher, understood his love and passion for his job and had a look at his work. Which made me finalise the deal on the spot.We were sure to get our returns cause we understood that they charge you for their creativity and presence of mind. So then was our marriage day and the photos were all taken candid style where none of the guests were troubled nor anyone felt their presence. We couldn’t wait to see how our pictures would come out to be. And FAB was an understatement for the quality delivered. At first, everyone was shocked with the pricing, but the quality and the moments captured, changed the whole outlook and meaning of photography for us. Its not always about a pose, its about the right timing where a huge smile and the smallest tear is captured.To end this testimonial, Taher and his team are superb with their work and very very professional. And their customer service has to be tried.


Pune, India

To start with, we would like to take the pleasure to thank you and even that wouldn’t do justice to the immense amount of time and effort you have taken and put into capturing our specials moment that we can now share and cherish forever.We still recall our first meeting with Taher at his office and how he made us feel so comfortable. His warm and friendly nature made us feel very confident about having chosen him.  Even prior to the wedding, we got Taher to do an impromptu shoot and he made us feel at ease through the entire session. It really surprises us how they managed to capture all of the minute details of the entire wedding.We loved the attitude, patience and creativeness of the team during our shoots. They were an amazing team to work with. We had the hardest time trying to eliminate photos for our album as each and every one of them were just so beautiful. They just make us relive the memories every time we look at the photos.Thank you Amour Affairs for making our day even more special.


Mumbai, India

We received our wedding photos and...WOW! They are amazing!We wanted to thank Amour Affairs for doing such a truly amazing job. We wanted to thank you so much for your incredible ability to capture the essence of our wedding day in such an enchanting way. We absolutely love the photos you took and are so happy with the selection you have provided us.We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease. Thank you again for everything .We have gotten some unbelievable comments from friends/family already. They say we look like we are in a movie, out of a magazine, etc. I am so excited and happy that we chose you as our photographer. Just want to thank you again for the fantastic job you did covering our Wedding Photography. The finished album is great. We chose a storybook album. It is really high quality and shows how the wedding day unfolded! The only complaint I have is that it was tough to choose the photos for the album - there were so many great ones!"Our wedding photographs captured and preserved our many memories of our magical day and we are so thankful to Taher for this. We would highly recommend Amour Affairs as a wedding photographer.We couldn't be happier with the choice of photographer that we made.


Sapna & Akshay

Pune, India

It's has been an absolute pleasure to work with Taher and the team at Amour Affairs. It was a task to chose the right photographers and videographers for our wedding as we both tend to be a bit finicky for perfection. But after meeting Taher at his office and seeing the work of Amour Affairs, we were quite convinced with their quality. And we have to admit, they did not let us down! They have captured our most beautiful memories in an exemplary manner. The entire team was extremely accommodating and made us feel comfortable even amid all the wedding stress. They gave us more than we expected and we are tremendously grateful to the team for the same. To people who are on the lookout for quality stuff, we confidently vouch for Amour Affairs. Put your faith in them and you'll have the sweetest memories to look back on forever.


Pune, India

Taher, you have no idea what you and your team at Amour Affairs do! You guys are completely magical. The photo and movie has come out mind blowing. You have exceeded our expectations. I am thrilled to see how gorgeous you have made me look. These are the memories we carry all our life, and because of AMOUR AFFAIRS these memories are not just memories but a life event, which is so magical & mesmerising. Take a bow guys. Keep up the great work! God bless


Mumbai, India

I was earlier a little apprehensive on appointing Taher - Amour Affairs for this special occasion of my life, since; our family photographer mostly covered all our previous occasions. But after seeing his work I am confident that I took the correct decision. He perfectly captured not only the venue and the outfits, but also captured the emotions on our faces. I think he's done an outstanding and fabulous job.Taher is an exceptionally brilliant photographer. He brings so much energy and light to all the pictures he clicks. I have been getting so many compliments on my engagement pictures and of course all the credit goes to him. We all are really happy with his work and are glad that we took the correct decision of calling him for our engagement ceremony.. Thanks Amour Affairs and team.. !! Cheers..!! 



Pune, India

I cannot forget that a tear rolled down my eye when I saw my wedding trailer for the first time! That is the magnitude of the way you brought together all the moments in our wedding in a beautiful wedding film. I love the way it brings all our priceless memories in front of us in an absolute theatrical style.Taher, you have been the most patient person in our wedding planning. You have dealt very sweetly to all our requests at the same time brought across absolute professionalism and astounding quality in our wedding video.Thank you for all your efforts and I am sure you and your team have a long way to go!



Dubai, UAE

I’ve never thought myself to be very photogenic. In fact, I dread taking pictures because I know I’m going to cringe after looking at them. Understandably, it was one of the aspect of my wedding I was really worried about. Thank God for Taher!!! I’ve loved each and every photograph. He captures moments more than people. He’s been extremely patient despite a few delays and its been an absolute pleasure associating with him. No matter how much time passes, just browsing through his pictures… I know I’ll be transported right back to the most magical days of my life. Thank you Taher for making these memories eternal. 


Pune, India

We found Amour Affairs through a friend and the ratings on the internet made us want to visit Taher. Curious, we met with him and hired him to do our pre-wedding and wedding shoot as well. It was the most beautiful day of our life and Taher has captured these moments beautifully with such flair. I liked the way he has ensured that every picture is perfect, the angle, the light and ofcourse pure expressions. It was all natural and we hardly felt his presence until we heard the click. I have an album full of photos and memories to thank him for. Highly, highly recommended.

Gautam & Karishma

Pune, India

Thank you for the lovely photos and your immense co-operation.
"The Amour team put in relentless effort to ensure every moment of our wedding was captured appropriately. The pictures and videos have left us awestruck .Very well presented and aptly portrayed every aspect of the wedding which we will cherish for a life time . A big thank you to Taher and his super-efficient team for weaving their magic and showcasing our wedding memories so beautifully ."
Best wishes to you & your entire team & thank you once again !


Pune, India

Life is short,capture everything. It’s indeed a delight to get clicked from Taher and his ultra-creative team for an occasion like wedding.I had been following Amour Affairs for quite some time. When it was time to call shots for my wedding photography, it had to be none other than Amour Affairs.The images look crisp, fresh and bring a sense of satisfaction on how beautifully the moments have been captured by this wonderful team of accomplished photographers. Amour Affairs indeed offers a complete package of enticing and dazzling moments. Every time I go through the clicks, it brings a broad smile on my face & a proud feeling that I made Amour Affairs a part of my wedding.Keep up the good work team!!!



Pune, India

My family was a bit skeptical when we chose a candid photographer and not a traditional one, but after seeing all the pictures that are delivered to us, they all are more than delighted. A lot of people took pictures that day, but after seeing what Taher had clicked, we were all amazed at what he had captured and everyone looked so photogenic.Thank you so much for making our wedding memories so very special by giving us such a wonderful collection of photos to keep forever. Every moment captured has it’s own little story. You all are truly talented and wonderful at what you do and it has been a pleasure meeting you and working with you.



Pune, India

Amour Affairs has lived upto its name and reputation, my friend suggested me about them for candid photography. Taher did the shoot for my reception and it was my first time with a candid photographer so I didn’t know what to expect from him/what should I tell him but in his case he didn’t have to be told anything, he managed everything well. He seemed professional and intelligent and took great pictures of my family, my relatives and mine. I will surely recommend him to my other friends. Thank you Taher and team of Amour Affairs!!!


Pune, India

When it comes to the shutterbug, I am not as graceful as I would like to be, I get camera conscious too quickly, so if you too are camera shy, then make sure you hire a photographer who would not be intrusive and would not make you realize that there is a lens capturing you. This was perfectly delivered by our awesome photographers, Amour Affairs, who have given us the most magnificent memories of our momentous occasion. We would like to thank Taher and his team for the fantastic wedding pictures. Each image is a work of art. And every has great attention to detail. Every moments of our wedding has been captured for eternity. And no one could have done that job better than Taher and his team.


Dubai, UAE

We absolutely are delighted with them. You have somehow managed to capture the moment as a whole- it instantly takes us back to how we were feeling, what we were saying to each other and what happened before and after. For me, the entire wedding was a blur; looking at the pictures we slowly starting relive each moment all over again. Everyone is very impressed and happy as well. Especially since you have managed to capture smiling pictures of Husein while he looks in the camera.


Pune, India

What can we say, the photos are just amazing. From the moment we met you, we were filled with confidence because of your professionalism. Our guests have commented on how skilled you were at capturing such natural photographs, without us even knowing you were there.We wanted to say thank you so much for the photos they are absolutely fantastic. We didn’t have to worry about a thing and all the shots we wanted have been covered, its such a beautiful way to remember our day. You truly captured every single moment for us and the album really does contain memories to treasure!! Without doubt Amour Affairs you are the difference that makes a difference!!


Pune, India


We had a fantastic wedding shoot with Amour Affairs, Taher and his team, who was endlessly patient with us. He ensured that the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. He put us at ease with such amazing photo poses. The photos were superb. Amazing moments captured. We are also happy to share all the images on social media, such hard work that the team has put in. God bless you with your work and thank you so much for your brilliant service and fantastic memories.



Pune, India

As it is rightly quoted " There are no rules for good photography, there are only good photographs" the team at amour affairs delivers exactly this. Choosing amour affairs to shoot our wedding video and photographs was a perfect choice. The team beautifully captured all our wedding memories and each picture has a story to tell. Emotions captured at their best! Thank you taher and the entire amour affair team for giving us memories to cherish for a lifetime


Pune, India

For most girls their wedding day is like a dream come true! Finally she can live that dream in that pretty outfit she'd planned for years, in the perfect place with all eyes on her (sometimes even on the groom). Amour Affairs, with their candid photography and super quality photographs just makes this day and every other event leading to that day so timeless and beautiful! Thank you for making every imperfection look perfect on camera and in our memories 😊



Pune, India

Before we hired Amour Affairs for our wedding pictures, we were extensively searching for the best wedding photographer around to capture the most special moments of our life. Then, we came across this website and we knew that Taher is the right person for this job. And, we were proved right. Taher did an amazing job with the pictures. He alone captured the entire wedding and made those special moments last forever.

Thanks a lot for the memories which we will cherish for lifetime.



Pune, India

What can we say the photos are just fantastic? From the moment we met you we were filled with confidence because of your professionalism. You really have left us with a stunning visual diary of the day. Thanks Taher for capturing every single moment for us & the photos really do contain memories to treasure!!



Pune, India

Yes we definitely were more than pleased with the amazing clicks at our wedding by Taher... He was around all the time capturing our best moments and yet so discreet about it...thoroughly professional, great at making the couple feel at ease (since we both are camera shy/conscious)Thank you Amouraffairs for capturing our best moments and giving us a chance to relive the moments every time we see the pictures.



Pune, India

We were very well updated about Taher Husain and team making a mark in wedding photography works in town. Being our friend, quality work, professionalism, and his team’s enthusiasm in delivering marvellous results to their clients is why we chose Amour Affairs.We are glad to have a large collection of beautiful candid moments captured, of our auspicious occasions of wedding and reception, popping up smile on our and our family’s faces every time we come together to see them.Keep up the good work.


Pune, India

We chose Amour Affairs for capturing moments for our engagement. It was a great experience. Although we have seen Mr. Taher’s excellent work at my brother Abhishek’s engagement too, but it was all together a different feeling seeing our pictures. Each and every picture is awesome. Just wanna say they were not just pictures taken, they were moments captured. Very happy with the service and outcome.



New Delhi, India

Thank you Amour Affairs for making our wedding so beautiful through your lens. It was great working with you and we would definitely be giving your reference to all our friends and family.Appreciate all your insights and you being able to make it to the function despite your booked schedule. Everyone loved your work! Cheers.


Pune, India

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your incredible team for capturing every beautiful moment on our engagement day. We love the photos and they are amazing!! Everyone loves our pictures.Thank you for making such a good masterpiece for us. I was a pleasure to work with your team. Please pass our sincere thanks to Palash as well. All the best to you all.



“A big thanks to Taher and the Amour Affairs team for taking such beautiful pictures of our wedding! The images capture each moment and each emotion stunningly and will continue to remind us the amazing time we had at our wedding. It has been a pleasure working with the Amour Affairs team.


Dubai, UAE

I always wished for a fairytale wedding and Amour Affairs exactly captured the feel of it. Whenever I see my photos…I feel they helped my dream come true…Taher has done a wonderful job in capturing all the memories in the most exquisite and professional way. I want to thank the whole team for the amazing work they have done and for making me and my family smile, every time we look at the photographs.


Pune, India

Thank you so much for the tremendous job.. Well done with our wedding. The pictures you guys click are just amazing. Captures each special moments…when you see the pictures, it makes you feel live and brightens the moments…So many pictures captures the soulful essence of the moment.Appreciate all your energy and creativity in capturing all our priceless memories. Thanks a lot.


Dubai, UAE

Taher, my wedding photographs are beyond amazing. You’ve done an absolutely beautiful job at capturing all the special moments of those memorable days. The best thing was that you didn’t force us to stage moments, you just happened to somehow be there when those moments happened naturally. I cannot stop looking through my wedding pictures; they speak of exactly what we felt.

Thank you Taher, you’ve given us perfect memories of our most perfect days.


Pune, India

The Amour Affairs team have pretty much been the official photographers for all our family weddings and with good reason…they don’t just capture moments, they make memories…ones we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Taher and team for helping me relive our special day so beautifully.